About gi-Cluster

The gi-Cluster is the first Greek gold-labelled cluster of creative industries, specializing in developing digital games and video games, interactive tools and environments, technological infrastructure, and specialized audiovisual content.
The gi-Cluster initiated in 2011, with the support of Corallia in the role of its facilitator and set as its mission the creation of a world-class, fully functional business innovation ecosystem. Its goal is the development of competitive digital products, including foremost digital games. Innovation, extroversion, and networking with the global market, are critical pillars of gi-Cluster’s strategic planning, pursued through targeted development programs, financing opportunities, and extroversion actions, such as participation in international trade fairs.

Today, gi-Cluster encompasses large and small businesses, game studios, academics, research, and other innovation organizations. It is an ever-growing network of partners that contributes to promoting Greece as a country producing digital games and innovative digital products.

gi-Cluster's Mission

gi-Cluster, as a business cooperative network, aims to develop economies of scale to accumulate and exploit complementary tools and skills to establish large-scale specialized innovation projects. At the same time, through an expanded network of professional and academic partners, it supports:

the fruitful communication between its members,
timely information on issues related to the field of Cultural and Creative Industries,
finding and managing public financing and resources,
the collective negotiation with national and European bodies and government authorities,
cooperation between entrepreneurs, government, research organisations, and the public at large.

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